So how do you choose a good driving school? Price is always a consideration, but paying extra for good quality lessons is a better alternative than allowing your teens to learn from someone who is either not qualified or just because they offer cheaper rates. 

(You must call or visit the office to enroll).

You must call or visit the office to enroll
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● Driver's Ed Program $55


Ideally, we don’t choose a Driving School only because they’re the cheapest in town.

Driving is not something that you can just learn through books, online materials or through mere discussions with other drivers. You need to practice your driving as well and this is what is going to make you a real driver. Driving has become a life skill.  With the help of a professional, you will eventually not only learn the skills of driving but also become a safe and independent driver.

So when selecting a Driving School please consider the following tips:

 1)  Check the driving school's license status by going online at www.dmv.ca.gov  then Click the "Online Services" and Occupational License Status Information.  If you are visiting a Driving School Office, make sure that they are State License and Bonded with their permit posted on the wall.  Driving School should list their LIC. number and Office Address on website as well not just a phone number.

2)  Compare prices costs between driving schools and always have a clear understanding of all expenses. Research and do your homework and ask questions why is the rate high or why is it too cheap?  Is the Driving School in town new in this business?  Find out the quality of services and make sure that the Driving School/Instructor fits your needs, even if it costs slightly more.

3)  Consider recommendations from previous students, friends, family who were satisfied with the service.  Check also the ratings or other reviews online.

Terms and Conditions

It is the customer’s responsibility to schedule and complete the 6 hrs-behind-the wheel training package within a year from the enrollment date.  Failure to schedule and complete the course will forfeit the amount paid.  All appointments not cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled date will be charge a $45.00 re-scheduling fee.  No refunds after taking the first two hours.  Full refund after enrolling will be charge $50 for Administrative fee.  Replacement for missing or lost certificate is $20.  Enrollment for behind-the wheel training is non-transferrable and rate is subject to change without notice.  


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