We are here to help you gain knowledge, skills, and confidence in driving! Please choose the course you would like to enroll. Call for special rates and for more information.


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Why Choose Us?

Our comprehensive training program is designed and customized to teach beginners, teenagers, new residents, and adults. We offer much more than simply pass the test and get your license.  Our main goal is to teach students develop skills and good driving habits necessary to become a safe, responsible, and confident driver. We believe that teaching students in a friendly, courteous, patient, and professional manner will make learning experience meaningful and enjoyable.


Behind-the-wheel Training

Do you want to be a safe, defensive and confident driver?

Do you want to overcome fear, anxiety, and phobia when driving?

Do you want to pass the test and get your license?

If your answered YES, we can help!

Adults wanting to learn how to drive are not required to complete the Drivers Ed Online course.  You must pass the permit test at the DMV before enrolling in for the Drivers Training. If you are a teenager who is interested in obtaining your driver education, please access our Driver Education online program.  If you already completed your Drivers Ed and would like to enroll in the 6 hours drivers training, please come or call or office so that we can issue the certificate of enrollment.  This certificate is required for you to bring to the DMV for the Learner's Permit test.  If you have any questions or concern, please contact us   1-877-RON-SCHL (766-7245) or 209-830-0800 Enroll Now!



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